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5 Easy Steps to Show Your Business Cares

Updated: Jan 4

Branding can be so much more than sales and marketing. We have the opportunity to make branding personal. It’s can be about building relationships full of value and care. Many small businesses begin because they saw a need, found their passion, wanted to share their talent, or wanted to make a difference. Each of those motivations are relatable on a personal level. Building a brand is about showing your customers and clients that you care about them and want to help.

The economy is centered around trading goods and services, so why go deeper and build upon that with relations. It’s an opportunity to make business personal to connect with each other. This is where small businesses shine! Small businesses can make a difference in customers daily lives on a personal level with their products and services. These real interactions bring real reactions and develop the essence of how your business makes others feel - this reaction and interaction is your brand.

How do you actually show your customers and clients that you’re a brand that cares?

1) Be Genuine: be authentic, it's much easier to be consistent when you're presenting a true representation of what your business is and what you offer.

2) Respond: take time to respond in a timely and considerate manner to customer emails, DMs, and comments

3) Consider Feedback: take constructive feedback seriously, then make adjustments accordingly to products or services based on what your client's and customers are requesting (make sure it's still within the parameters and ideals of your business though!).

4) Be Honest: Stay true to the "who" behind your brand. Only use the words “we” and “our” throughout your site and socials if you actually have more than 1 person involved in your team behind the scenes. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. There is nothing wrong with being a 1 person show!

5) Get Involved: join in with community events, local vendor fairs, or collaborate with a fellow business in your field, anything that gets you more connected can solidify that you're invested in making a difference for those around you

A key piece to starting relationships between potential customers and your brand is visual brand graphics that spark interest. For you as the business owner, captivating brand visuals motivate growth by building excitement to share with your audience. For your customers, it can draw them in and create intrigue. The ultimate goal is to generate reactions like, “Oh wow, I want to be a part of what they’re doing!”

Cohesive brand graphics grab attention and pull you in by communicating stability, professionalism, and validity. It’s the first impression of your brand - make it a meaningful one.

If your business could use help developing a visual representation of a genuine brand that cares, let's get started:


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