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I'm an experienced logo designer (and avid Christian Fiction reader) branching out into the world of book cover design! You might be surprised at the similarities between logo and cover design. Like a logo, a cover is often the first impression the audience experiences. It can even be one of the main reasons a reader chooses your book. Often, the style of design on the cover grants readers the power to prematurely judge the book's quality. That's where intentionally curated fonts and professionally designed layouts are key to evoking a strong connection, pulling readers in, and encouraging next steps to discover the story for themselves. Christian Fiction has a special place in my heart. Often I have found relatable and inspiring characters in CF novels and various authors' insights have truly impacted my faith walk. I would love to work with CF authors to be even a small part of spreading that inspiration to more readers through captivating covers!


Curated Image Collage 

Book_Mockup_1 copy_edited.png
Book_Mockup_magnifique copy_edited.png
Book_Mockup_ice cream copy_edited_edited

Above are examples of my design work with faux titles and authors. This style of cover creates intrigue and stokes readers' curiosity! As an avid reader and design nerd, I have definitely picked up a book simple because it had a stunning jacket. Not only does the cover draw a reader in, it can add to the world-building aspect of your writing, with fantastical scenery or ethereal fonts helping set the tone for the story inside.
Please note, image collage covers will rely on what is available in stock image catalogs for character and time period accuracy.


  • eBook cover only quotes start at $100 

  • Full print cover, including spine and back cover layout quotes start at $250

  • eBook & full print cover quotes start at $350

  • Quote will vary with stock image license fees 

Graphic Art Illustration   

Book_Mockup_two step copy1.png
Book_Mockup_two step copy.png

These are faux titles and authors, but very real examples of my design skills. Illustrated covers are such a captivating way to engage readers and capture a scene or even the overall feel of your novel. Specially curated fonts pull the whole look together and can cue the reader to expect anything from whimsy and romance to intrigue and drama. 



  • eBook covers only quotes start at $250

  • Full print cover, including spine and back cover layout quotes start at $350

  • eBook & full print cover quotes start at $500

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