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image of Sarah, the designer, light brown hair and eyes, burgundy hat, denim jacket, teal floral top

Crafting tailor-made branding graphics to highlight the heart of your business. 

Live Edge Graphic Design believes in ...


This studio believes in good work done well. That’s why I believe in your business and in turn will use integrity to show your audience the difference that you can make.



I am focused on developing branding that is flexible to include your company's market audience but also customized to fit you and the style of your business. 


I construct intentional and purposeful designs with files and graphics that are built for ease in any end use application.



Last, but certainly not least, customer service is at the heart of Live Edge. I will personally guide you through each step of the process. With custom curated Brand Guidelines provided at the end of your project, not only will you learn how to use your final brand assets, but how to further your brand strategy, which encompasses the intent behind your brand.

image of Sarah's, the designer, name written in a script font as a sign-off signature
image of Sarah, the designer, sitting on a log at bass lake, with her laptop, has on burgundy hat, denim jacket, jeans


I'm the owner and designer of Live Edge Graphic Design: a design studio focused on developing bespoke logo graphics for intentional brands. 

Crafting has always been one of my favorite activities - especially making projects I could share with others.
his motivated me to be creative and purposeful in my career.
I earned a 
degree in Graphic Communication with an emphasis on packaging design, which furthered my love for visual creativity. 

The opportunity of using my creative gifts for collaborating one-on-one with businesses to develop their visual story and make designs that highlight their unique aspects, inspired my passion for creating brand graphics.

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