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Why is the studio called Live Edge?

Pronounced like alive, the name of my studio developed from a love of nature and admiration for live edge wood.  Live edge wood is unique and often used to make custom art or furniture. A live edge slab is a piece of wood that still has the natural edges of the tree, which commonly include the bark. Live edge wood pieces often showcase a plethora of rings from the tree's growth - similar to a human fingerprint each tree is one-of-a-kind and unique in it's rings' pattern. I work to develop logos in much the same way. It's my goal to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each brand I work with. 

This concept along with my location - the Sierra Nevada foothills, inspired me to choose it as my business name. With my client centric and values oriented strategy and design, the goal is for you to leave feeling like a beautiful piece of live edge wood: unique, custom made, and renewed.

What does the design process look like?

Check out the details by clicking here: The Branding Design Process

What is a sub-mark? And do I need one?

A sub-mark is a bite size branding graphic that is cohesive with your main logo. It is ideal for social media profiles, email signatures, letterheads, stickers, packaging, websites and business cards. 

I highly recommend including a sub-mark in your brand suite. They provide an extremely versatile way to visually represent your brand. Read more about each piece of a brand suite and how to use them here: Brand Suite Explained 

Do we meet in person for the project?

The short answer is no, we do not need to meet in person to complete your design project.

I have met in person for a few local projects, but 90% of my projects have been completed through remote communication: phone calls, email, and text messaging. I'm happy to do what works best for you and will accommodate most communication requests as I am able. Please know that we can set up video chat and schedule calls as needed to best communicate your project details. 

How do I view the preliminary designs?

I use DropBox to share the preliminary designs as well as the revisions and final designs. The good news is you do not need a DropBox account to access the designs (an account is free to sign up if you like). It is helpful if you have access to an internet connection and email. 

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