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Hand-Curated Mood-boosting Playlists

Updated: Jul 12

Check out these music compilations!

Curating playlists can be a hobby right? If not, I'm adding it to my resume under special skills, because it's quickly become a favorite past-time.

I like to think my taste in music is eclectic, but really I'm right in the middle. Basically my taste falls on the outside edge of chart toppers and just barely dives into some popular indie artists with a heavy dose of country music (don't let that scare you off). I'm a fan of creative instrumentation, smooth vocals, positive lyrics, and calming melodies.

From chill cozy coffee house tunes, and folk-rock beats to cheerful pop melodies, I've compiled a few curated tracks I hope you enjoy. And I'm always happy to hear recommendations, so drop a note below of a song you have on repeat.

Click on the images to grab a specific list on Spotify or get all of them with the button below.


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